Cali Training Rigs offers the provision of Sensory Exercise Equipment, which caters to teenagers and young adults with specialists needs.

We will liaise directly with your facility to identify the equipment that is best suited to the requirements of its users. The specialists who work with these individuals will have the best knowledge of what is required and Cali Training Rigs will use its expertise to source and install this equipment.

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Complete Solution for Your Sensory Outdoor Equipment Needs

Every student has a right to play, grow, and develop for a brighter future. Outdoor experiences are essential for children of every age in order to engage and connect with the world. Sensory parks and outdoor equipment are designed to support kids and teens with special needs and assist them to have a healthy lifestyle and promote physical activity.

We, at Cali Training Rigs, offer a range of sensory outdoor equipment, designed to cater to the needs of your school’s special needs unit.

What is Sensory Equipment?

Students with autism and sensory processing disorders may encounter challenges with socialisation, communication, play and imagination. Sensory outdoor equipment is designed to stimulate the senses of such students, promoting and encouraging their overall development.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our dedicated team at Cali Training Rigs believes every school should be rich in sensory experiences that bring students of all abilities to physical exercise, overcoming their special needs and challenges.

Therefore we consult with every school’s SNE experts, before we design and install their required SNU outdoor equipment.

Our team understands the value and importance of education, interaction, safety, and enjoyment, when designing a sensory area. The works are carried out based on the needs of your students.

Feel free to get in touch with us for your unique sensory outdoor exercise installation needs. Our experts will make sure you receive satisfactory support that will ensure maximum safety, well-being, and development for your users with autism /special needs.

What Benefits Can You Expect From Our Services?

Our special needs equipment is suitable for children of all abilities, regardless of their physical or sensory challenges. We customise premium grade sensory park equipment to fit your users’ exercise needs.

All students benefit from exercising in areas that use sensory equipment. Along with the fun and enjoyment that they offer, they also promote physical, social, and cognitive development and encourage creativity.

Some components of this type of equipment can be quite smoothing, calming, and relaxing for children with autism or sensory processing disorders. This equipment also helps such users to adjust with different levels of stimulation.

Our expert SNU exercise consultants will dedicatedly work with you to create an ideal outdoor space for your students that will encourage users of different abilities to play together, cooperate, socialise and grow.

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