Home Training Equipment

Home Training Equipment

With everyone trying to lead their respective busy lives in these testing times, more often than not it leaves us with very little time for ourselves. For this reason, many have started to exercise at the comfort of their home – thus saving not just their money for gym memberships but time as well!

Being able to properly workout at home (without any worries or distractions) does have its fair share of conveniences. Add to that, it most certainly helps make a huge difference to your exercising regime.

Using Calisthenics home equipment does give you the scope and convenience to perform your home workouts without even needing to set up a personal home gym.

Calisthenics is an exercising form which requires no major equipment. Rather it involves using primary bodyweight to build and enhance muscle and strength.

The term derives from the ancient Greek concept of ‘kallos’ meaning beauty and ‘sthenein’ which denotes drawing or stretching out.

Henceforth, the terminology Calisthenics roughly translates to ‘beautiful stretching’

We are your reliable supplier & installer for robust home training equipment in Dublin & its surrounding areas in Ireland

Cali Training Rigs home training equipment affords the ability to workout in the surrounds of your back garden.

Our treated timber posts fit seamlessly into any garden setting and they will allow for a range of exercises to be conducted from the security and privacy of your home.

This equipment can be tailored to satisfy personal preferences regarding height, width and additional bars. Plus, the equipment can be installed or the option to buy the material only is also available.

Our range of calisthenics home training equipment include -

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Each of our quality Calisthenics home training rigs are available and ready to be installed as per your personal design preferences.

Delivery fee of 20c per Km from Dublin Airport/Lough Rynn Castle will incur.

Speak to us and rest assured that we will arrive at your location at your chosen date and location with a rig that best suits your needs.