Frequently Asked Questions


What thickness are the bars?
The bars are 33.7mm thick.

Pull Up Bars

What is the standard height for a pull up bar?
The standard pull up bar can be anywhere from 2m – 2.5m.

What is the max height for the pull up bars?
We also offer extra height pull up bars. When complete, the maximum height from the ground to the pull up bar is 2.75m high. We use 3.6m posts for this height, so it needs to be specified during ordering.


What width are the dips?
This can be based on the customers preferences, but we usually work to the standard of 0.55m bar to bar.

What height are the standard dips bars from the ground?
Standard height is 1m from dips bar to the ground. Higher dips bars can be arranged on request.

Monkey Bars

What length are the monkey bars?
Standard length for monkey bars is 2m.

What width are the monkey bars?
Standard monkey bar width is 0.8m, but we can make the width up to 1.5m on request.

Travel and Delivery Costs

How are Travel/Delivery costs calculated?
Travel/Delivery costs are calculated at 20c per Km from Dublin Airport in the East and 20c per Km from Lough Rynn Castle Leitrim in the West. *This cost only incurs on distances over 50Km.


How long does it take from order to delivery?
We try and arrange an installation as soon as possible. We are currently operating at a max wait time of 10 days from order to install.

How long until I can use the bars after install?
We strongly encourage you to wait a minimum of 1 week prior to using your rig. This allows the concrete to fully set and ensure the rig is solid.




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