Cali Training Rigs Ltd

Cali Training Rigs Ltd is a private limited company. Cali Training Rigs supply and install Calisthenic Parks using the latest imported Calisthenic Equipment. We also offer Home Training Equipment using timber posts to construct a variety of garden training rigs.

Calisthenic Parks

Cali Training Rigs Ltd. designs, supplies and installs Calisthenic Parks using the highest standards and top quality outdoor training equipment. The production of this public outdoor fitness equipment is quality tested from the manufacturer and it complies with all standards set out in EN 16630.

Home Training Equipment

The Home Training Rigs are constructed from 150mm treated timber posts, concrete and 3.2mm galvanised steel with a matt black finish. Construction of the Home Rigs varies from location to location, however we will carry out all works necessary to ensure you are left with a solid piece of kit.


Cali Training Rigs Ltd 150mm timber posts have an approximate life span of 7 – 12 years when buried in concrete. The 3.2mm galvanised steel will support a static weight of up to 268kgs over a 2metre span. Cali Training Rigs Home Equipment are for the use of body weight training and calisthenic movements such as muscle ups, pull ups, dips, l-sits, toe-2-bar and handstand push-ups to name some of the more common exercises. These Home Training Rigs are not constructed to an Olympic gymnastic standard and they should NOT be used as such. Where the Home Training Rigs are solid and will withstand robust movements, continued swinging on the bars will lead to loosening of the concrete base over time which may lead to a decrease in stability. The Home Training Rigs should be inspected prior to each use. For further guidelines please contact us at ‘info@calitrainingrigs.ie’.

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