Hello & Welcome to Cali Training Rigs Ltd.

Cali Training Rigs Ltd – specialises in supplying and installing robust Calisthenic parks as well as outdoor exercise equipment namely – pull-up bars, parallel bars, monkey bars, Swedish walls and other custom outdoor equipment.

We offer the latest imported quality Calisthenic Equipment and home training rigs to respective fitness enthusiasts throughout Ireland.

For home training equipment, we use timber posts to create an impressive variety of outdoor exercising rigs to enhance your bodyweight exercises and offer you the opportunity to train from home.

Being an active agent for Kenguru Pro

We supply and install our Calisthenics Fitness Rigs, to the highest standards using quality tested outdoor training equipment.

When installing our equipment, we ensure it complies to the EN 16630 standards.

Our process is to take your specific needs and the layout of the facility into account prior to establishing a quality Calisthenic park.

We follow the 4-step process which includes -

If you want to know more about our Cali Training Rigs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Home Training Equipment

Each of our home training rigs will be engineered using 150mm treated timber posts, 3.2mm galvanised steel complemented with a matte black finish and solid concrete base.

The style and size of the construction will vary entirely from one location to another. We will carryout all the necessary work to ensure you get a solid piece of equipment for your use.

Other crucial information about our home training rigs

Our home Training rigs are not constructed to an Olympic gymnastic standard and they should not be used as such.

Although our rigs are solid and are able to support robust movements, continual swinging on the bars will loosen the concrete base over time and eventually decrease its overall stability.

Key Note

We advise our training rigs to be inspected before every use. For more information or further guidelines, please contact us.